Here's how to protect yourself during COVID-19

When governments all over the world started advising people to stay home because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many took a hard hit, especially those working as drivers in the ride hailing industry. It’s a difficult time to be a Taxi, Uber, or Lyft driver. Business is usually slow, and when it’s good you’re worried about how being exposed to so many people jeopardizes you and your family’s health. But, like thousands of others out there, you still have to push through and get it done. So, in the interest of doing everything you can to keep yourself and your passengers safe during Corona times, we compiled a list of some tips you can use.

As a ride-hailing driver, you should:

  • Keep up with the COVID-19 combatting guidelines on WHO
    Make sure you are aware of all the symptoms of Coronavirus and up to date on all proper procedures for combating it. Check out the website of the World Health Organization for more information on what you can do to increase your protection.
  • Don’t driver while sick, even if you think it’s just the sniffles, or a mild cold.
    We understand there’s pressure on drivers to accept every ride they can in times where there is so little work. But, if you feel ill, or show symptoms of illness please stay at home. If you’re someone who isn’t in the risk group for coronavirus, or even believe it’s not a big deal, think about your passengers and their families. It may be mild for you, but deadly for them.
  • Always wear a face mask.
    Masks are not 100% effective, but they cut the chances of the disease being passed on. You never know if your passenger has, or has been in contact with someone diagnosed with Coronavirus. Face masks are only effective if they are paired with regular hand washing. Here is where you can find more information on how to use and dispose face masks.


  • Wash your hands frequently and use sanitizer to remove any contaminations.
    Hands are one of the most common ways the virus is spread. Washing your hands, frequently, for 20 second each time will minimize your chances of contamination.
  • Disinfect your car frequently, especially the high touch areas.
    Wiping down your car after every passenger might seem a little too cautious, but it is effective. Try some wipes, or a cleaning spray to wipe down the doorknobs, seatbelts, window switches… Basically, everything a passenger might have touched.
  • Don’t forget to also clean your high-touch-areas as well!
    If you’re looking for powerful cleaning supplies, Denkmit wipes have always been handy and easy to store.
  • Open the windows to air out the car in between rides.
    Getting some fresh air in your car is always good. The car is a very small enclosed space, and by cracking the windows you can make sure any contaminated air is recycled.
  • Add a physical barrier between the front and back of the car.
    Separating the driver section from the passenger’s is what some ride-hailing drivers are doing right now. Even though a plastic barrier is a great option, try to still follow the previous tips for extra caution. You can find plastic sheets to do it yourself at Amazon or Bauhaus. You can use duct tape to hold it down in place
Example shared with us from a local driver

By following these simple tasks, you decrease your chance of infection, and are able to keep doing what you do. If by any means you believe you might have been infected, or have any symptoms, please don’t drive people around or ask to be driven. Stay at home and contact your doctor right away.