Why you should use a dashcam in 2020

Dashcams – or dashboard cameras – have become a vital add-on for private and commercial drivers. The dashcam is a small mounted camera that records the road in front of you while you’re driving. They can also be mounted at the rear of your car to help you park or record the road behind you while driving.

Why are dashcams a big thing now and why should I have one?

For starters, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time driving – especially if that’s your job – there’s a higher risk of getting into a fender bender or even a full-blown accident. The dashcam becomes your guaranteed video proof of exactly what happened. Insurance companies and the police won’t depend solely on the investigation of the car’s damages, or your explanation of what happened. Instead, they can use the dashcam’s recorded video as proof of the accident to conclude who needs to pay for the damages. Using a dashcam will save you time and energy when dealing with your insurance provider and the police in case of an accident.

Can I use a dashcam in Germany?

In Germany, the use of dashcams are permitted as long as you follow the data protection regulationsThe data may be used in courts in the case of accidents, but for the data to be used publicly, license plates and faces must be blurred. Although most German insurance companies don’t provide discounts for dashcam users (like in the UK), they do accept recordings as proof if it is approved by the court. 

Where else can I use a Dashcam legally?

In some countries, insurance companies even offer discounts for drivers that use dashcams. You can find the legal use of dashcams very popular and encouraged by insurance companies in the United Kingdom. AXA offers up to 10% off, and my MyFirstUK  offers up to 30% off. The use of dashcams is also legal and accepted as proof of innocence in Denmark, Spain, Italy, and Norway.

Are dashcams good for anything other than car accidents?

Where else can I use a Dashcam legally?

Dashcams are beneficial in many ways other than just for proof of accidents. Some dashcams even have sound recording and capture the inside of the vehicle. As a ridehailing driver, you have to protect yourself from the actions of and wrongful accusations made by passengers. Having a dashcam that captures the interior or with sound recording helps avoid the trouble that comes with these issues. Just make sure you are following GDPR, especially when you plan to publish your footage. 

Be a safer driver

Multiple studies indicate that having a dashcam can make you a better driver. A 2017, Yale Tribune article claims that having yourself recorded by a dashcam keeps you from risky behavior such as texting while driving, speeding. These can cost you money or – even worse – your health down the line. A dashcam can help you avoid these risks and be a safer driver. Having a dashcam helps you improve your driving by putting you under some pressure that someone, someday might see the recording. A surveyor who used the UK-based Aviva insurance dashcam app also shared her thoughts on how the app helped raise her awareness as a driver by deterring her phone use while driving.  

Summing up

Overall, you can never go wrong with using a dashcam. They’re a more reliable witness when it comes to proof of innocence in accidents and can save you from untrue claims made about you by passengers. Not to forget, they’re great to help you improve your driving behavior.  


You can avoid the hassle of buying a dashcam by just downloading the Bliq Ride app, which has a built-in dashcam. All you’ll have to do it mount your phone to your car and open up the app when you’re ready to start driving.