How working for multiple ride-hailing companies can maximize your earnings

As a ride-hailing driver, you might already have a routine for your work. Such as the times you work and locations you’re more likely to get multiple rides from. However, as always not every day is the same and sometimes it gets slow.  

We’re here to tell you that you can change that! You can easily avoid the slow days and increase the number of trips you do by working for more than one ride-hailing company.  

Increasing your rides

On average, an Uber or Lyft driver completes 2.5 trips an hour working for only one platform or the other. In busy cities, you usually have a high chance of finding riders. It’s just a matter of how far away they are and which ride-hailing app they’re using. According to this study, you can increase the number of rides you have an hour by working on more than just one platform. Riders are checking more than one of the ride-hailing apps to compare prices and waiting time. This means that while your preferred app indicates no riders waiting in your area, passengers might be ordering rides over a different app. This can have many reasons – it might be because a promotion made them choose one app over the other or drivers seem closer

If you work for multiple ride-hailing companies, this multiplies your chance of finding more tripsYou take away the limitations put on you by using only one app and become available on whichever platform the riders decide to use. 

You should not limiyourself to one type of passenger. Some ride-hailing platforms tend to attract primarily tourists who are used to the same service back home. This naturally applies for platforms that are operating in many countries, such as Uber. 

In most cities on the other hand, the local platforms attract primarily local passengers. In Berlin, locals are more likely to use FreeNow than any other ride-hailing app. FreeNow specifically targets the young locals of Berlin by strategically trying to always be the cheaper optionUsing multiple ride-hailing platforms makes you available to both the tourists and the locals on all platforms.

Increasing your bonuses

If you work for multiple ride-hailing companies, you’ll also be getting double the promotions platforms offer their drivers. Imagine you’re an Uber driver taking advantage of all quests ad promotions Uber has to offer. Now you go “multi-app” and you’ll be doing all that, PLUS you’re receiving promotional offers from other platforms. With Uber’s ride streak bonuses and FreeNow’s various types of quests, you can double up on the promotions offered to you by working for multiple ride-hailing companies. 

Don’t forget to track your earnings

Deciding to work for more than one ride-hailing service may seem complicated at first. But, if you’re already used to one service (Uber, FreeNowetc.), getting up to speed on another will be like a piece of cake.  

Important: Track your earnings constantly on all the platforms you’re working for. Figuring out the patterns that apply to each platform – how much you’re making, at what time, which location, the best driver-partner promotions to use – will help you find a rhythm for your work.  

Uber (left) and FreeNow (right) earnings from drivers

An Uber and Lyft driver in the United States shared how he was able to make $19 an hour by tracking his earnings and finding a person rhythm for working simultaneously on two ride-hailing platforms. Try different ride-hailing platforms as well to figure out which ones work best for you. If you find you’re not earning as much, or don’t enjoy working with a specific ride-hailing service, don’t give up and try another one. There’s more than one option out there for everyone!  

But what about acceptance rates?

You’re probably worried about your acceptance rate on the platforms you work with and how ignoring some rides might affect your gig. Ride-hailing services haven’t confirmed the deactivation of accounts based on acceptance rates. Uber’s community guidelines indicates that although acceptance rates are important, they don’t necessarily affect your account. Read over the community guidelines of the other ride-hailing services you work with and check out the information on acceptance rates.  

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