Are other drivers rather competition or community?

The more ride-hailing platforms succeed, the more they attract new driversBut do more drivers on the road mean less work for you? It’s clear: No matter whether they work with the same platform as you or a different one, more ride-hailing drivers can mean more competition on the road. However, more drivers on the road also means more allies for you. Here is why:

Viewing the competition as a community

1. Ride-hailing driver unions are the next big thing

Ride-hailing drivers in most countries are considered independent contractors, rather than employees. This means you don’t receive any employee benefits and don’t have any co-workers. You probably think that you are alone in this job. Here’s where you’re wrong! 

As a ride-hailing driver, there are thousands of others that face the same challenges as you every day. All independently, you lack the power to be a counterweight to the platforms. If all drivers unite, they are able voice their complaints and finally have them heard by the platforms. You can raise your complaints regarding wages, worker benefits, and job security collectively with other drivers. The more drivers come together, the more likely the complaints will be heard and addressed. You are less alone than you think and joining a ride-hailing driver union will help you see that.  

2. Driver communities can increase your rides:

Joining a driver community (more informal than a union) can help you increase the number of rides you finish. Within a community, drivers can help others by sharing information. If you share your knowledge, you’ll get knowledge back from others and together you are more productive. 

Example: By just connecting with other drivers you can get information about a large event happening around you, a premier of a movie, a surge in a neighborhood, etc... There are plenty of passengers that want a ride – too much for one driver to handle aloneWhen lots of potential passengers leave an event at the same time, they’ll expect rides at the same time. And since you cannot serve them all yourself, sharing with other drivers would be the most productive solution.   

Ride-hailing trips take about 15 minutes to complete, on average. By the time you get to your ride, complete the tripe and go back to the same placepassengers typically will have found other alternatives. Sharing information with other drivers doesn’t take away from your fair share. On the contrary, when you share information with other drivers, you build a trusting relationship and motivate others to share as well. This, in the long run, increases the number of rides you get and the money you earn.

3. You can share with and learn from other drivers

Having a lot of other ride-hailing drivers on the road has its perks. Apart from sharing information on optimal rider-locations, networking with other divers can give you different perspectives on the challenges you’re facing. Whether it has to do with addressing rider behavior, your partner-service, or even road condition, the bigger your driver network is the more information you’ll have when dealing with these problems. With a driver community, you can also learn how to handle working on multiple platforms, keeping your star rating up, and multiple other tips and tricks to enhance your own driver experience. Sharing your own experiences with other drivers can also be beneficial to you. Doing so enables you to receive feedback and different opinions on how to optimize your work and successfully get more rides. Becoming part of a ride-hailing driver community adds to your overall experience as a ride-hailing driver.  

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Join the community!

Viewing your fellow drivers as allies instead of competition is only to your advantage. Join the Bliq Ride community to connect, learn, and share with other drivers.