The Debit Card that saves you money on fuel

Get 5% cashback discount on every fuel purchase with the new and free Bliq Visa Debit Card and bank account.

Free Visa debit card & bank account for drivers

5% cashback discount on every fuel purchase with your Bliq Card!

Manage all your income in a single account.

Frequently asked questions

  • Save 5% cashback discount on every fuel purchase
  • All your earnings conveniently managed in one single bank account
  • Fully digital and no paperwork needed
  • Fast and personal support

Yes, the service is free. There will be fees though for manual processing, e.g. replacement of lost cards.

You can pay with the Bliq Debit Card in every place that accepts Visa.

You can make free withdrawals and deposits at over 60.000 ATMs.

Flexible Cash by Bliq is a feature of Bliq Banking that can get you up to 25.000€ in Cash when you need it. There is no monthly interest, just a simply one time fee of 3.5% on the requested amount. You can pay back flexibly in accordance with your work schedule.

Yes, we work with very reputable banks to make sure your money is kept safely. 

Within the EU, all banks are subject to national and EU legislation to guarantee the protection of customer funds.