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Frequently asked questions

Bliq was designed for drivers in general, ridesharing and taxi.

If you’re working with one of the platforms on our list, you can get their trips directly in Bliq, with a few extra perks.

Depending which country / city you work in and the apps you use,
we might be able to show you someĀ trip details in advance.

But the greatest benefit is seeing all your requests at once in the same screen, without changing apps.
And we’llĀ automatically switch you from available to busy and backĀ for all your platforms whenever you start or end a ride.

Bliq is free momentarily, so all drivers can try it without any obligations.

On top of that: each time you refer a new driver and they complete their activity objectives, each of you get Bliq credit.
Find your custom code in the MULTI section

If Bliq ever becomes pay-to-use, that credit will ensure you continue accessing the app for free.
As a reward for your interest and support.

Go to the MULTI tab.

  • Tap “Add apps” or just try to switch Online from the top.
    You’ll see a list of available apps.
  • Try to connect an app.
  • You’ll need to input your credentials (email / username / phone / password, depending on the specs of each app).

Once you’ve connected all your apps, switch Online and you’ll start seeing offers.
You’ll always need at least one app to switch Online.

Once you connect them to Bliq, most of your apps will disconnect from their original versions.
And viceversa – if you reconnect directly to the original version, that app will disconnect from Bliq.

Just as you can’t stay online on the same app on two devices at once,
you can’t be online in the native app and Bliq at the same time.

You’ll get access to just as many requests as in the native app.

But you might get some extra info about them (price, payment method, destination, trip distance or duration, etc)
depending on the app, if we can access those details ourselves.

All the trips you complete on Bliq also happen on the platforms you’ve connected.
All your earnings are gathered there, the apps still send the money there.

In short: you’ll get paid the same way you get paid now.

Your activity on Bliq is mirrored in the native apps:

  • rides (accepted, rejected, missed, cancelled, completed, etc);
  • earnings, tips, bonuses, owed platform fees;
  • routes taken, passenger ratings, etc.

Treat your work just as seriously as if you would worked directly in the actual apps.

While you are Offline, you can adjust the car and service type for most apps from the MULTI page.

We will continue expanding the list of settings that you can tweak in Bliq.

And we’ve already added our own settings:

  • auto-accept;
  • auto-reject.

When you work on multiple platforms at the same time, we know there are moments when you receive a lot of requests.
So we canĀ filter and automatically accept the best offers or reject the worst ones, based on your preferences for each individual app:

  • distance to pickup;
  • price for each ride (for the platforms where we get this info in advance);
  • surge values.

When a request matches all of your auto-accept preferences: we automatically accept it and switch the other apps to busy / offline.
When it does not match all of them, you can decide manually to accept / ignore / reject.

Example: set the maximum pickup distance to 2 km and the minimum fare to 10 EUR.

  • an offer comes in at 1 km andĀ 8 EURĀ = decide manually what to do with it (it matches your distance, butĀ does not match your price);
  • another request atĀ 3 kmĀ and 15 EUR = decide manually (outside of your distance);
  • offer at 1.8 km and 12 EUR =Ā automatically accepted.

And the logic is similar for auto-rejecting requests.

You make the rules, you decide how you want to work.

As soon as you accept a request, you’ll see the Navigate button.

The first time you tap it, you’ll get to choose between Google Maps and Waze.
Your choice will become the default app for future rides.

When you want to switch between GMaps and Waze, tap the 3 dots on the right side of the Navigate button.

The map includes many useful info:

  • surge for FreeNow, Bolt, Uber;
  • recent request volumes in different areas of town, so you can track the demand;
  • density of Bliq drivers, so you can avoid crowded areas;
  • schedule for airport arrivals.

You can contact the passenger by tapping the “Call passenger” button while in a trip and:

  • writing a chat message;
  • or calling (via standard phone call);

Our list of next features includes in-app calling.

Bliq is a software distributed directly by the official app stores.
With every update, we undergo rigorous inspections and tests, just like the platforms you use currently.

As for our interactions with these platforms:

  • the order allocation algorithms are unaffected;
  • your activity is accounted for fully, entirely;
  • we automate some interactions (accept / reject / online / offline);
  • and we may highlight some details about specific trips.

No tricks, no cheats, simply digital assistance for your daily activity.

Bliq is so safe that it received an investment rounds worth 13.5 million USD.
Click here for the official news

Although we’ve launched discussions with platform representatives, we have yet to conclude official collaborations with all of them.
In the meantime: we’ve found alternate solutions to facilitate these integrations.

We remain open to talking with all apps,
regardless of their age, budgets or global footprint.

Competition is healthy and offers more opportunities for the driver community.

Bliq is available in 27 countries, 304 cities and rapidly expanding, wherever the platforms are functional.

If any of the platforms we support already operate in your town,
simply open the app, connect your platforms and you’re ready to go.

If your country and / or town are not in our list, please send an email to
or use the WhatsApp button below.

We’ll gladly consider quickly expanding coverage to your town in order for you to benefit from using Bliq.

We are firm believers that your recommendations beat advertising.

This allows us to invest more in our technology, keep running our app for free for a longer time,
while also rewarding you for each newly referred driver that finds value in Bliq.

Check MULTI >> Invite a driver for the full details
and the Bonus section for the updated progress by your referrals, bonuses, rewards in general.

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