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All your jobs in a single app.

Find more passengers. Earn more money.


MULTI. Work all apps in one.

All your jobs in Bliq Ride


Only one app for everything. Receive all your ride or delivery offers in one app. No need to bother with driver apps from each platform while driving. Receive jobs faster, make your life easier & simply earn more!

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Know what is going on around you

See demand hotspots for all apps

Bliq Ride shows you surge pricing and areas of high demand for all your apps.

Check where the other drivers are

Be smart, don’t drive where everybody goes. With Bliq Ride, you can see and avoid areas with many other drivers.

Connect to other local drivers

City chat

You are not alone out there! Connect with the drivers in your area on the best hotspots – or just to meet up for a coffee. Entrance is only permitted for approved drivers.

Traffic Hazards

Inform other drivers about road hazards and get notified by other drivers about what’s ahead of you.

Claim the fares you deserve.

Ever happened that your company hasn’t paid out what you earned? Check, if your earnings are correct by using the Fare Checker inside Bliq Ride and start claiming what you deserve today!

Other drivers get back up to 20 USD – per day!

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